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XX512A1KAM8 - Ultrasonic Sensor - Sn=0.05 m

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Ultrasonic sensors XX, ultrasonic sensor cylindrical M12, Sn 0.05 m, 2 NO, M8 connector

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range of product Telemecanique Ultrasonic sensors XX
sensor type Ultrasonic sensor
series name General purpose
sensor name XX5
sensor design Cylindrical M12
detection system Diffuse
[Sn] nominal sensing distance      0.05 m fixed
material Plastic
type of output signal Discrete
discrete output function 2 NO
wiring technique 4-wire
discrete output type PNP and NPN
[Us] rated supply voltage 12...24 V DC with reverse polarity protection
electrical connection Male connector M8 4 pins
[Sd] sensing range 0.0064…0.051 m
beam angle 11 °
IP degree of protection IP67 conforming to IEC 60529
enclosure material ULTEM
front material Epoxy
thread type M12 x 1
supply voltage limits 10…28 V DC
[Sa] assured operating distance 0.0064…0.051 m
maximum differential travel 0.7 mm
blind zone 0…6.4 mm
transmission frequency 500 kHz
repeat accuracy 0.7 %
deviation angle from 90° of object to be detected      -10…10 °
minimum size of detected object Cylinder diameter 2.5 mm
Flat bar 1 mm wide
status LED Supply on: 1 LED (green)
Output state: 1 LED (yellow)
current consumption 25 mA
maximum switching current 100 mA with overload and short-circuit protection
maximum voltage drop 1 V
switching frequency <= 125 Hz
maximum delay first up 20 ms
maximum delay response 2 ms
maximum delay recovery 2 ms
marking CE
threaded length 38 mm
height 12 mm
width 12 mm
depth 50 mm
product weight 0.011 kg