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Industrial Automation

XVUC23 - Illuminated LED - Steady - Green

  • $69.90

Harmony XVU, Illuminated LED unit for modular tower lights, green, Ø60, steady, IP65, 24 V AC/DC

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range of product Harmony XVU
product or component type Modular tower light
beacon or indicator bank unit type      LED unit
mounting diameter 60 mm
component name XVU
light source LED, green
device application Automotive
Packaging machine
Machine tools
signalling type Steady
assembly style Customer assembly, up to 5 units
Up to 4 units with buzzer
material PC (polycarbonate) V-2 conforming to UL 94
PC (polycarbonate) V-0 conforming to UL 94
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V AC/DC
maximum power dissipation in W      2.5 W
current consumption <= 50 mA
signalling type Steady
length 50 mm
net weight 0.064 kg