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Compact smart antenna, radio frequency identification, RFID 13.56 MHz, flat form 40x40x15, M12, cable 0.2 m

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range of product Telemecanique Radio frequency identification XG
product or component type Compact smart antenna
RFID compact station name XGCS
RFID frequency 13.56 MHz
design Flatform 40 x 40 x 15
electrical connection 5 pin(s)male remote connector M12, shielded cable, cable 0.2 m
transmission rate 9600 bauds...115200 bauds (automatic detection)
outer dimension 40 x 40 x 15 mm
product compatibility RFID microchip Microelectronic (EM4135)
RFID microchip Texas (Tag-it HFI)
RFID microchip NXP (SL2, SL1, Ultralight, Std 1K/4K, Desfire)
RFID microchip STM (CRIX4K)
RFID microchip INSIDE (micro pass)
RFID microchip Fujitsu (MB89R118 - MB89R119)
[Sn] nominal sensing distance      10…70 mm
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V DC conforming to Protective Extra Low Voltage
communication port protocol      Modbus RTU
communication port support RS485
associated tag type Automatic detection of the type of tag
ISO 14443 standard tags
ISO 15693 standard tags
supply voltage limits 19.2…29 V DC
current consumption < 60 mA
status LED Communication network: 1 LED (dual colour)
RFID communication: 1 LED (dual colour)
tightening torque < 1 N.m
marking CE
net weight 0.057 kg