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SSP1A475BD - Solid State Relay - 75A - DC

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Harmony, Solid-state relay, 75 A, DIN rail mount, zero voltage switching, input 4…32 V DC, output 48…660 V AC

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range of product Harmony Solid State Relays
product or component type      Solid-state relay up to 75 A
device short name SSP1
mounting support Panel
Number of phases 1 phase
[In] rated current 75 A
solid state output type SCR output
Zero voltage switching
output switching mode Zero voltage switching
[Uc] control circuit voltage 4...32 V DC
minimum switching voltage 4 V DC turn-on
maximum switching voltage 1 V DC turn-off
response time 0.5 cycle (turn-on)
0.5 cycle (turn-off)
Input current 7…12 mA
output voltage 48...660 V AC
load current 0.15…75 A
Transient overvoltage 1200 V
surge current 1000 A for 16.6 ms
maximum I²t for fusing 4150 A².s for 8.33 ms at 60 Hz
4555 A².s for 10 ms at 50 Hz
Co-ordination type Type 1 - 50 A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) - curve B
Type 2 - 40 A miniature circuit breaker (MCB) - curve B
maximum leakage current 1 mA off-state
maximum voltage drop <1.15 V on-state
dV/dt 500 V/µs off-state at maximum voltage
Power factor 0.5 (with maximum load)
Motor controller rating 1.5 hp 120 V AC
3 hp 240 V AC
7.5 hp 480 V AC
insulation resistance 1000 MOhm at 500 V DC
Maximum capacitance 8 pF for input/output
dielectric strength 4 kV AC for input/output
4 kV AC for input or output to case
[Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage      6 kV output to case
6 kV input to output
tightening torque 1.5...1.7 N.m for input
2...2.2 N.m for output
connections - terminals Screw terminals: 0.2...3.3 mm², (AWG 24...AWG 12) with cable end for input
Screw terminals: 0.5...5.26 mm², (AWG 20...AWG 10) with cable end for output
Screw terminals: 0.2...3.3 mm², (AWG 24...AWG 12) without cable end for input
Screw terminals: 0.5...8.26 mm², (AWG 20...AWG 8) without cable end for output
Forked type tag connectors: 9.2 x 4 mm for input
Ring lugs: 9.2 x 4 mm for input
Forked type tag connectors: 11.7 x 4.5 mm for output
Ring lugs: 11.7 x 4.5 mm for output
Thermal resistance 0.3 °C/W junction to case
LED indicator LED, green for input
IP degree of protection IP20
safety reliability data B10d = 1731395
MTTFd = 1875.9 years
net weight 89.2 g
device presentation Complete product