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RENF22R2MMW - NFC Multifunction Timer - 24-240 V AC/DC

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Harmony, NFC modular timing relay, 8 A, 2 CO, 0.1 s…999 h, multifunction, 24...240 V AC/DC

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range of product Harmony Timer Relays
product or component type      Multifunction relay
device short name RENF22
Supported OS Android
software version V4.4 and above
App for product Zelio NFC (downloadable from Google Play store)
discrete output type Relay
nominal output current 8 A
contacts type and composition 2 C/O timed contact, cadmium free
1 C/O timed and instantaneous contact, cadmium free
time delay type Power on-delay
On-delay and off-delay
Pulse delay
Asymmetrical on-delay and off-delay
Symmetrical flashing
Asymmetrical flashing
time delay range 0.1 s...999 h
product compatibility NFC enabled mobile device
[Us] rated supply voltage 24...240 V AC/DC
Release input voltage <= 2.4 V
voltage range 0.85...1.1 Un
Maximum RF power transmitted 0.0002 mW
NFC operating frequency 13.56 MHz
supply frequency 50...60 Hz +/- 5 %
connections - terminals Screw terminals, 1 x 0.5...1 x 3.3 mm² (AWG 20...AWG 12) solid without cable end
Screw terminals, 2 x 0.5...2 x 2.5 mm² (AWG 20...AWG 14) solid without cable end
Screw terminals, 1 x 0.2...1 x 2.5 mm² (AWG 24...AWG 14) flexible with cable end
Screw terminals, 2 x 0.2...2 x 1.5 mm² (AWG 24...AWG 16) flexible with cable end
tightening torque 0.6…1 N.m conforming to IEC 60947-1
0.60…0.99 N.m conforming to IEC 60947-1
housing material Self-extinguishing
repeat accuracy +/- 0.2 % for 10 s...999 h time delay range
+/- 0.5 % for 100 ms...10 s time delay range
temperature drift +/- 0.05 %/°C
voltage drift +/- 0.2 %/V
setting accuracy of time delay +/- 1 % for 1...999 h time delay range at 25 °C
+/- 2 % for 1 h time delay range at 25 °C
+/- 20 ms for 100 ms...10 s time delay range at 25 °C
Control signal pulse width 100 ms with load in parallel
60 ms no-load
insulation resistance 100 MOhm at 500 V DC conforming to IEC 60664-1
Recovery time 120 ms on de-energisation
power consumption in VA 3 VA at 240 V AC
power consumption in W 1.5 W at 240 V DC
0.6 W at 24 V DC
switching capacity in VA 2000 VA
minimum switching current 10 mA at 5 V
maximum switching current 8 A
maximum switching voltage 250 V
electrical durability 100000 cycles for resistive load, 8 A at 250 V, AC
mechanical durability 10000000 cycles
Rated impulse withstand voltage 5 kV 1.2/50 µs conforming to IEC 60664-1
power-on delay 100 ms
creepage distance 4 kV/3 conforming to IEC 60664-1
overvoltage category III conforming to IEC 60664-1
safety reliability data MTTFd = 227.5 years 100 % duty cycle continuous operating condition at 30 °C
mounting position Any position
mounting support 35 mm DIN rail conforming to EN/IEC 60715
status LED LED Un: (steady), green for power ON
LED R1: (steady), amber for relay energised
LED R2: (steady), amber for relay energised
LED pairing: (steady), green for communication status
LED Un: (fast blinking), green for diagnosis mode
LED R1: (blinking), amber for timing in progress
LED R2: (blinking), amber for timing in progress
Maximum communication distance      10 mm
response time 2 s
width 22.5 mm
net weight 0.0904 kg