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MCB Accessories

A9XPCM04 - Connector

  • $33.50

Set of 4 connectors 100A monoconnect for 3P+N comb busbar

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range of product Acti 9
product name Linergy FH
Product or Component Type Connector
accessory / separate part category Connection accessory
poles description 3P + N
Quantity per Set Set of 4
comb busbar and distribution block compatibility      Monoconnect
Line Rated Current 100 A
color White RAL 9003)
connections - terminals      Screw clamp terminals top connector 0.05 in² (35 mm²)
tightening torque 35.40 (4 N.m)
range compatibility Acti9 iC60 comb busbar
Acti9 iK60 comb busbar
Acti 9 iDPN comb busbar
Acti9 iDPN Vigi comb busbar
Acti9 iID comb busbar
Acti9 iID K comb busbar
Acti9 iSW comb busbar
Acti9 iSW-NA comb busbar
Acti9 STI comb busbar