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NSYTRV162SF - Fuse Terminal

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Screw terminal, fused, screw cap, 5X20mm fuse, 2 points

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range Linergy
product name TR
product or component type Terminal block
device short name TRV
terminal block type Fixed carrier
device application Protection
associated connection component      Cylindrical fuse
terminal block level 1
mounting mode Clip-on
nominal cross-section 16 mm²
length 62 mm
colour Black
quantity per set Set of 50
fuse size 5 x 20 mm
width 12 mm
height 57.2 mm
connections - terminals 1 x screw terminal: upstream
1 x screw terminal: downstream
number of connections 2
connection position Sideways
number of measurement input      0
cable cross-section 1.5…16 mm², flexible with cable end
0.08…2.5 mm², flexible without cable end
0.5…16 mm², solid without cable end
tightening torque 1.5…1.8 N.m
wire stripping length 11 mm
tool type Connection: screwdriver
Disconnection: screwdriver
[Ue] rated operational voltage      500 V conforming to EN/IEC 60947-7-1
300 V cURus
300 V CSA
[In] rated current 10 A conforming to EN/IEC 60947-7-1
20 A cURus
20 A CSA
material Polyamide 6/6: insulating case
dielectric loss 0.01 at 1 MHz conforming to IEC 60250
0.01 at 1 MHz conforming to VDE 0303-T4
dielectric constant 3.7 at 1 MHz
resistivity 10000 Ω.cm conforming to IEC 60093
10000 Ω.cm conforming to VDE 0303-T30
surface resistance 1000 MOhm conforming to IEC 60093
1000 MOhm conforming to VDE 0303-T30
creep resistance 500 CTI (> 400 kB) conforming to IEC 60093
500 CTI (> 400 kB) conforming to VDE 0303-T30
flame retardance V0, thickness0.8 mm conforming to UL 94
net weight 33.8 g
range compatibility Prisma G
Prisma P
Prisma PH
Prisma Pack
product compatibility Spacial enclosures