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Ultra-thin resistance heater low starting current 20W 240V 130x250mm

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range ClimaSys
product name ClimaSys CR
product or component type      Ultra-thin resistance heater
power range 25 W
input voltage 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
electrical connection Cable length: 2 m
operating position Vertical
ambient air temperature for operation      -60…70 °C
temperature setting range -40…70 °C
material Silicone rubber
height 110 mm external:
width 230 mm external:
depth 1.6 mm external:
device composition 6 self-adhesive Velcro pads
6 plastic spacers
4 Telequick nuts
4 clip-on nuts
fixing accessories
condition of use Heaters must be installed with a thermal controller
Air sealed enclosure
Electrical protection is needed
fixing mode By 4 screws
mounting support Standard mounting plate
DIN rail
Adhesive Velcro
Telequick mounting plate