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NSYCCOTHC - Thermostat - NC

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ClimaSys CC - simple thermostat 250V - range of temperature 0…60°C - NC - °C

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range ClimaSys
product name ClimaSys CC
product or component type      Simple thermostat
temperature setting range 0…60 °C
information displayed Temperature in °C
input voltage 250 V
sensor type Bimetal
contacts type and composition NC
contact resistance 10 mOhm
service life in cycles 100000 cycles
maximum switching capacity 2 A 120...250 V AC inductive pf: 0.6
10 A 250 V AC resistive
15 A 120 V AC resistive
30 W DC
electrical connection 4 terminals, clamping capacity: 2.5 mm²
mounting mode Clipped
height 68 mm external:
width 33 mm external:
depth 44 mm external:
net weight 40 g
mounting location Spacial upright
35 mm DIN rail
Cross rails
On mounting plate
ambient air temperature for operation      -20…80 °C
IP degree of protection IP20
hysteresis 7 %
number of outputs 1 heating function
material PC
colour Light grey
flame retardance Self-extinguishing conforming to UL94 (material V0)
product certifications UL