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Power Distribution

LV432641 - Motorized Module - 230 V AC

  • $900.20

standard motor mechanism module MT400/630, ComPact NSX400/630, 220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 208/277 VAC 60 Hz

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device short name MT400/630
product or component type Motor mechanism
device application Automatic spring charging
range compatibility ComPact NSX400
ComPact NSX630
Compact NSX400 DC
Compact NSX630 DC
PowerPact Multistandard
EasyPact CVS400
EasyPact CVS630
PowerPact L
control type Standard
[Uc] control circuit voltage 208...277 V AC 60 Hz
220...240 V AC 50/60 Hz
circuit breaker mounting mode Fixed
circuit breaker frame rated current      400 A
630 A
control signal type Impulse
response time < 700 ms (opening)
< 80 ms (closing)
maximum operating frequency 4 per minute
maximum power consumption in VA      500 VA closing
500 VA opening
locking options description Padlocking in OFF position
1 to 3 padlocks Ø 5 to Ø 8