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CCT15551 - Digital Time Switch - 7 days

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Acti9 IHP+ 1C (24h/7d) SMARTw programmable time switch

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range of product Acti 9
product name Acti 9 IHP
device short name IHP+
product or component type      Programmable digital time switch
device application Building
number of channels 1
Available equipment Memory stick
language English
load type Incandescent lamp: 2600 W
halogen lamp: 2600 W
non-corrected fluorescent tube: 2600 VA
serial-compensated fluorescent tube: 2600 VA
parallel compensated fluorescent lamp: 400 VA (48 µF)
compact fluorescent lamp: 400 W
< 2 W LED lamp: 25 W
> 2 W LED lamp: 200 W
maximum power consumption in W      0.5 W standby
maximum switching current 10 A - 250 V AC pf = 0.6
16 A - 250 V AC pf = 1
minimum switching current 10 mA 230 V AC
100 mA 24 V AC/DC
[Ue] rated operational voltage 230 V AC +10 % -15 % at 50/60 Hz
electrical insulation class Class II
output type Dry contact
accuracy +/- 0.25 s/day 25 °C
contacts type C/O
cycle duration 24 hours + 7 days
maximum number of switchings 84
minimum interval duration 1 s
function available External input for an override
Code lock function
Holiday schedules
Automatic winter/summer time changeover
On/off switching times
Pulse programming
Cycle programming
Switch preselection
control button type 4 push-buttons
display type Backlit LCD
information displayed Operating time counter
backup time 10 years time and program saving
type of setting Weekly programming
Random program 2
connections - terminals 2 x 0.5…2.5 mm² screw terminals solid or flexible
1 x 2.5 mm² screw terminals solid or flexible with sleeve
mounting support TH35 DIN rail conforming to EN 60715
width 45 mm
height 92.6 mm
depth 66.7 mm
net weight 115 g
marking CE
overvoltage category Class 3
function Pulse programming, random function, external input for an override
absence for holidays Yes
time changeover Automatic
updated by None