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ABLS1A24050 - Regulated Power Supply - 24V - 5A

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Regulated Power Supply, 100-240V AC, 24V 5 A, single phase, Optimized

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range of productModicon Power Supply
product or component typePower supply
power supply typeRegulated switch mode
variant optionOptimized
enclosure materialAluminium
Nominal input voltage100...240 V AC single phase
100...240 V AC 2 phases
140...340 V DC
input voltage limits85...264 V AC
120...375 V DC
rated power in W120 W
output voltage24 V DC
power supply output current     5 A
Nominal network frequency50…60 Hz
Network system compatibilityTN
maximum leakage current1 mA 240 V AC
input protection typeIntegrated fuse (not interchangeable) 4 A
External protection (recommended) 20 A Curve C
External protection (recommended) 13 A Curve C
inrush current30.0 A at 115 V
60.0 A at 230 V
power factor0.55 at 115 V AC
0.45 at 230 V AC
efficiency85 % at 115 V AC
88 % at 230 V AC
Output voltage adjustment22...28 V
power dissipation in W25 W
current consumption< 2.5 A 115 V AC
< 1.4 A 230 V AC
< 1.3 A 140 V DC
Turn-on time< 1 s
holding time> 20 ms 115 V AC
> 40 ms 230 V AC
Startup with capacitive loads8000 µF
residual ripple< 120 mV
Expected capacitor lifetime10 year(s)
meantime between failure [MTBF]     700000 h at 25 °C, full load conforming to SR 332
output protection typeAgainst overload and short-circuits, protection technology: automatic reset
Against over temperature, protection technology: manual reset
Against overvoltage, protection technology: manual reset
connections - terminalsScrew connection: 0.5...4 mm², (AWG 20...AWG 12) without wire end ferrule for output
Screw connection: 0.5...2.5 mm², (AWG 20...AWG 14) with wire end ferrule for output
Screw connection: 0.75...4 mm², (AWG 18...AWG 12) without wire end ferrule for input
Screw connection: 0.75...4 mm², (AWG 18...AWG 12) with wire end ferrule for input
line and load regulation< 0.5 %line
< 1 %load
status LED1 LED (green)output voltage
depth117.6 mm
height123.6 mm
width40 mm
net weight0.55 kg
output couplingParallel
mounting supportTop hat type TH35-15 rail conforming to IEC 60715
Top hat type TH35-7.5 rail conforming to IEC 60715
Double-profile DIN rail
supplySELV conforming to EN/IEC 60950-1
SELV conforming to EN/IEC 60204-1
SELV conforming to IEC 60364-4-41