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Regulated Power Supply, 3-phase, 380..500V AC, 24V, 40 A

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range of product Modicon Power Supply
product or component type Power supply
power supply type Regulated switch mode
Nominal input voltage 380...500 V AC three-phase, terminal(s): L1, L2, L3
input voltage limits 320...550 V AC
rated power in W 960 W
output voltage 24 V DC
power supply output current 40 A
permissible temporary current boost      1.5 x In (for 4 s)
anti-harmonic filter Low frequency harmonic currents
inrush current 25 A
power factor 0.85 at 24 V DC
efficiency 92 %
Output voltage adjustment      24...28.8 V adjustable
power dissipation in W 76.8 W
provided equipment Power factor correction filter conforming to IEC 61000-3-2
output protection type Against overload, protection technology: manual or automatic reset
Against overvoltage, protection technology: 30...32 V, manual reset
Against short-circuits, protection technology: manual or automatic reset
Against undervoltage, protection technology: tripping if U < 21.6 V
Thermal, protection technology: automatic reset
connections - terminals Removable screw terminal block: 2 x 2.5 mm², for diagnostic relay
Screw type terminals: 3 x 0.5...3 x 4 mm², (AWG 22...AWG 12) for input connection
Screw type terminals: 1 x 0.5...1 x 4 mm², (AWG 22...AWG 12) for input ground connection
Screw type terminals: 4 x 0.5...4 x 10 mm², (AWG 22...AWG 8) for output connection
status LED 1 LED (green and red)output voltage
1 LED (green, red and orange)output current
depth 160 mm
height 143 mm
width 166 mm
net weight 2.7 kg
output coupling Parallel
marking CE
mounting support 35 x 7.5 mm symmetrical DIN rail
35 x 15 mm symmetrical DIN rail
operating position Vertical
supply SELV conforming to EN/IEC 60950-1
SELV conforming to EN/IEC 60204-1
SELV conforming to IEC 60364-4-41