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Power Distribution

A9XMWD20 - PowerTag Link

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PowerTag Link - Wireless to Modbus TCP/IP Concentrator

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range of product Acti9
product name Acti9 PowerTag Link
product or component type Smart communication module
device short name PowerTag Link
Application type Basic energy metering E
Improved load monitoring E, U, I, P, Pf
Load alarming
Number max of connected devices      Up to 20 wireless devices
maximum supply current 2 A
[Us] rated supply voltage 110...230 V AC +/- 15 %
connectivity to devices Wireless energy sensor
communication service Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP server
Web server
web server Embedded web page
BMS controller compatible
transmission support medium Radio frequency 2.4…2.4835 GHz PowerTag 20
web services Web page
application specific I/O Pulse totalising counter
power consumption in VA      5 VA
immunity to microbreaks 10 ms
reset Factory reset on front face
local signalling Product status: 1 LED (green, orange and red)
Ethernet status (LAN ST): 1 LED (green, orange and red)
mounting position Horizontal/vertical on DIN rail
colour White (RAL 9003)
location of connection Upstream
overvoltage category III
9 mm pitches 6 useful
height 85 mm
width 54 mm
depth 67.5 mm
net weight 133 g
range compatibility PowerTag wireless energy sensor
commissioning interface      Web page
compatibility code Acti9 PowerTag Link